My 5 favorite poses during a family session- Dallas, TX.

A family session is not just a gathering of individuals; it's a canvas where emotions are painted, bonds are celebrated, and memories are frozen in time. I love playing kid friendly games during the photoshoot to help keep them engaged and having fun while spontaneously capturing the emotions and personality that shine through during these games.

These 5 games played during a photoshoot will guarantee the best pictures!

Whispering secrets or play telephone. The kids get very close and it also gets them laughing hard!

Get on the floor and play Simon says so the everyone is doing what you tell them to do in a more indirect and fun way!

Play ring around the rosie if your kids are walking.

Walking Hand in Hand: Have the family members walk together, hand in hand, while engaging in a conversation or sharing a laugh.

Candid Playtime: If there are kids, let them engage in their favorite activities while the family watches and interacts. If you have a little one not walking yet, engage in activities that make them laugh like throwing them up and down, playing airplane, twirl them around, etc.