How to prepare for your in home family session? - Dallas, TX

Tidy up your home.

As a mom of 2 toddlers, I understand how normal a mess can be. Toys are everywhere, clothes on the floor, random kitchen utensils on the couch, i get it. Although I'm all about capturing authenticity, mess and clutter distract from the image. We want to make sure we are not drawing attention to anything else outside of the main focal points. I want to bring the attention to my family and the emotions that are present. Doesn't mean you have to deep clean your house, simply just pick up things you don't want photographed and put it in another room! ( of course a room we wont be photographing.)

Prepare fun activities you do together as a family.

This is important especially if you have busy children! Remember a photo session shouldn't be something the kids dread or be afraid of. I love when my families are candid and being themselves rather than telling everyone to smile. Of course I will still get some posed, look at the camera and smile pictures, but most of the pictures from the session are very relaxed, authentic and true to the family. One awesome tip I will tell you, especially if the session is at home, is to make the kids as busy and entertained as possible. Prep an activity or two and let the kids have fun with you. Be present, engage, and laugh together while doing something fun! The pictures that come out this are always so dreamy and nostalgic. So next time we do an in home family session, lets bake, paint, read a book, jump on the bed/ in the crib, be messy... all the things that define your family in the best way!

Be comfortable & enjoy!

No other place is a comfortable as your home, an advantage of doing an in home session. I get the best smiles, intimacy, and emotions. Best thing is, you don't have to load everyone up and drive to your location and back home, so toddlers are in a better mood and the overall atmosphere is very relaxed.

Want to be a part of the experience?

Lets create beautiful images and make memories together!