Dallas/Fort Worth Family and Newborn Photographer

Welcome families!

I am a Dallas/ Fort Worth based photographer specializing in families, maternity, newborn, couples & milestones. These are the moments that make me happy. Seeing heartfelt emotions and families making memories as I capture these sessions.

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..

Aside from photography, I am a wife to an amazing man and a mom to two littles, Leia and Beckham. During my free time, I love home decorating and doing DIY projects. You can find me with a power tool in my hand and a baby near my leg. My love for photography started long before I had a family. I had a blog and photographed my outfits of the week, makeup and occasionally my travels. But when I started a family, that quickly changed. I saw life flash before my eyes.. Suddenly the newborn I brought home is celebrating their first birthday. I couldn't keep up with how fast everything was going, and in that moment I knew I had to capture it. What gave me peace was knowing that we photographed every fleeting moment, to look back to one day and replay it over and over again. My goal is to also give this gift to you. I want to preserve these special moments so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.